How many of you lived past 55?

I read an article that said people with schizophrenia die at 55. How many older people are here?


I’m 60. Getting healthcare is interfered with by having a label.

On average probably 55…but not all of us are alcoholics and smokers for life and/or commit suicide…but the rates are higher in us than the general population…sure medications might cause some liver damage but not 20 years of liver damage


Holy Crow! Where in the world did you find this article - Never heard of such thing.

I knew that we die much earlier than the rest of the population, but at 55! - according to this, I should be dead in about 4 years, Im 51 now.

Well my kidneys are leaking protein - maybe this is a sure fire sign!


wow, i have about 25 years left to live. how crappy.

I have lived for 62 years and still going strong.

I’m going for 38 more years


Well, I’m 55.

If I’m dead right now someone then should have at least had the courtesy to tell me before I made plans for next weekend.

They don’t like dead people at birthday parties so now maybe I won’t go this Saturday.


Just go anyways, even if you’re dead. The kids could have fun making a pinata out of you!


Well, I have to be honest and tell you that I have been behaving like a jerk lately so maybe a good ass kicking is what I really need. Adios muchacho.


Good choice Ridgerunner. I’m with you on this one. At age 55 I feel like my life is only half over. My second half might be better.


My niece was born in 1999. If she lives till 101, I told her she will have lived in 3 different centuries! It kinda blew her mind when I mentioned that to her…but it’s true!


The rates of smoking are much higher.
"While the prevalence of smoking in the total U.S. population is about 25 to 30 percent, the prevalence among people with schizophrenia is approximately three times as high - or almost 90%"

I think that smoking so much is one of the main things that really cuts down on the life span.

Aging has been defined before as: "the set of accumulated side effects from metabolism that eventually kills us"

Smoking increases metabolism.

That is in addition (in my opinion) to the damage smoking does to the lungs and heart.
"Research has shown that smoking increases heart rate, tightens major arteries, and can cause an irregular heart rhythm, all of which make your heart work harder. Smoking also raises blood pressure, which increases the risk of stroke."

Schizophrenics seem to often die from heart disease.
"more than two thirds of patients with schizophrenia, compared with approximately one-half in the general population, die of coronary heart disease (CHD). The chief risk factors for this excess risk of death are cigarette smoking, obesity leading to dyslipidemia, insulin resistance and diabetes, and hypertension."

I think that all of this leads to smoking as one of the main culprits for early death for those of us on antipsychotics.

I suppose we also shouldn’t overlook ‘obesity leading to dyslipidemia, insulin resistance and diabetes, and hypertension.’ But, seems to me that not smoking, combined with decent diet and exercise, might make a schizophrenic or others of us on antipsychotics live much longer. :slight_smile:

I guess the main issue is where to find the motivation to make these lifestyle changes with avolition or amotivation. :frowning: I don’t know for certain. Maybe these websites can help:

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I just switched to an ecig to get off cigarettes. Eventually, like meds, I found one powerful enough to do the job.

I quit drinking, but had to get help (A.A.)

I’m on a diet, but had to get help: my doctor hooked me up with a dietician. Plus I’m on metformin which decreases my appetite now.

The point of my post is get help.

Edit: I also take my meds, see my psychiatrist regularly, and get blood tests every 6 months. I hopefully increase my odds by doing that.

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They are lucky If I give them one once a year!

They can have as much pee as they like, but that damn vampire no matter how good can stay the ■■■■ away from me!

I think they should invest on less intrusive tests :slight_smile:

I’m 57. I’m experiencing a decline in vigor, but I don’t really have any health problems. I was just screened for prostate cancer. I don’t have any problems there. My liver is probably what is going to kill me. Oh well, I enjoyed ruining it.

Did you have a Digital Rectal Exam? Or just the blood test?

Cheer up!to cherish everyday,to help others, love others, even if we can only live for 55 years is also very good.sorry,I’m chinese. I’m not good at English

that’s a really dumb thing to believe… though sometimes I’m inclined I to believe that I’ve been marked for death by some higher force committing all kinds of thought crimes and blatantly disregarding any concern for normal societal values…

and on that note I don’t think it can be undone so I don’t really care…

I’ll die and get sent to hell where I’ll be ■■■■■■ in the ass with a cleaver until the end of time…

so it goes…

Here are some actual statistics:

honestly at this point in my life… I don’t wanna live more than 55. maybe this will change when I grow older.
I can not have kids anyway. so I just take it one day at a time and enjoy the good things.

Take it easy… if you lived a good life… nothing to worry about. LIVE LAUGH LOVE :v: