Saw my pdoc - he said

He’s concerned about my high mood, said I talked too fast and too smiley and cheerful.

He’s lowering the citalopram and raising the mirtazapine, he wants to eventually wean me off the citalopram because the mirtazapine helps better as it helps me sleep as well as depression and anxiety reliever.

He said too many antidepressants will make me manic. True…

It’s a great relief to be able to eventually come off one med. Five is a bit much and he acknowledged that.

Me and hubby saw psychologist afterwards. It was first session as couple. It went ok but I was relieved when it was over. Therapy is tedious really! And we doing ok now.

The psychologist reminded me hypomania often followed by depression.

Hope I don’t crash! Things are going so well but I feel mirtazapine will hopefully prevent a crash. Let’s hope so.

Psychosis is not so bad but last night I thought there was a sniper outside. And the radio plays on in my head.

I swear I don’t need music anymore with Alien and Sarah’s head music! :laughing:


Did Sarah say anything good?

She said I must shine bright like the star I am. It’s a song she sent a message in. She is fairly quiet though. Alien too for the most part but he irritates me with some songs sometimes.

How do you feel today?

I feel good thank you :slight_smile:

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I’m glad you feel better. :slight_smile:

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