I try to quit smoking

From the beginning of tomorrow.
I know this much, i.e. I should not change as a person at all, but just ending smoking.
And I should not watching a clock and be hungry for more days without tobacco.
I should also not be dead serious about it.
I might smoke a cigar sometimes very rarely.
It’s my health and my Rules! Go!

PS, I promise this much (FOR SURE): at least 10 days without.


Best of luck !!


Yes, I stopped smoking four years ago. I got help to do it from all the places.

I’ve saved a lot of money!


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Good luck .good for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m on day three. I’m pretty grumpy but otherwise surviving. They say if you can make it past the first week it gets way easier. I’m vaping and using lozenges. I had 3 patches left so I’m using those as well. Best of luck to both of us :no_smoking:


Well done! Congrats! :slight_smile:

Cool beans, I hope best of luck - just need to think nothing has changed too much.
PS, and thanks to all of you supporting.

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Hey u Rock. Let’s drop smoking together į Will not smoke cigarettes too from now seriously it’s unhealthy, I will loose all my teeth if I smoke or get more serious disease

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I get today BeatMaker 3. Was playing with it

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Yeah, my rule-list was for my own preference, but feel free to copy a bit of it, if needed. :wink:

Ok I didn’t understand sorry, I am sleepy

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Nothing serious, just meant we can support each-others with quitting-related ideas in here. (Like you said). :wink:

I quit 6 years ago. I gained 20 kg. I was already fat. Oh well, I think I walk faster and with less coughing.

I do use Swedish snus tobacco, it helped me. But I can’t warranty its safety either. But its at least better than smoking.
It certainly doesn’t affect the metabolism and lungs like smoking did.

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