I try not to look back

If I’m not careful when I think back to when I was in college and starting my career when I was semi delusional…some very bad memories mixed with good ones. I usually start crying when I get to the bad memories and have to focus on the present…yes, I’m better off doing my best with the day I got.


aw big SQuEEzY Hugs for you @jukebox, you’re a real trouper! Keep hanging on. You’re a kind hearted guy who deserves some happiness in life- Look forward to good times!
Someday you’ll make me big pot of your delicious Jambalaya.
How’s your victory over the stinky cigs?

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thanks @Csummers I look forward to seeing you enjoy my jambalaya. I’ll save up for the airfare. not kidding. haha…I haven’t smoked in six and a half months

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I call it what if. It is not a good game to play. But sometimes I can’t help myself.
The past is the past. The future is the future. But today is special that why they call it the present.
Some of this may have been plagiarize from movie and/or TV show.


You’re so sweet @jukebox!
Congratulations on the 6.5 months, knew you could do it!

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true. there’s no shame in looking forward and not looking back, sometimes. there are some things i will probably never understand in life, but i don’t care.