I took Tylenol

and it stopped my OCD in an hour. I had a great day!

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I take Tylenol 1 everyday it has some good side effects.

Tylenol should not be taken on a daily basis, for its active ingredient, acetaminophen, is very harmful to the liver.


I have been on Tylenol for migraines and arthritis as far back as I can remember, I take one in the morning and another at night on bad days. My liver is fine, taking more than that on a regular basis is what is bad

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so funny. Tylenol is calming me down and working as good as Ativan. I took only 1 pill and I feel much better. I will tell my doctor next week. Maybe I can take it daily. It is helping with my OCD.

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They’re was a study that came out last year maybe that said that Tylenol lessens the range of emotions felt. Like people that took it were less sad at a sad event and less happy at a happy event. I thought it was interesting.

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We call the active ingredient paracetamol in the uk.


Was reading s article on loneliness and happen to come across this in it

Cole can imagine giving people medications to treat loneliness, particularly when it exacerbates chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. These could be betablockers, which reduce the physical effects of stress; anti-inflammatory medicine; or even Tylenol—since physical and emotional pain overlap, it turns out that Tylenol can reduce the pain of heartbreak.

The full article is here

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