Do you take Tylenol(Acetaphenamine)?

I read an article about Tylenol causing people to have less empathy for others. And it stifles good feelings and bad feelings somewhat. Kind of zombifies us all. Two studies came to this same conclusion.

So, if you take Tylenol regularly(or its generic)and you already have flat affect, Tylenol makes it worse. Besides, Tylenol is really bad for the liver.

When I was taking it every day I felt cold hearted in certain situations with hurting people. I haven’t had that cold heartedness since I quit Tylenol. Just from my own experience I agree with the studies.


P.S. Moderator, I placed this post here where more dxed folk would see it. Flat affect and/or lack of highs and lows is a common symptom that Tylenol(a common pain killer)seems to make worse.

Huh, weird, never heard of that but could be possible. Daily long term use of antihistamines can cause memory problems, so who knows

I use ibuprofen, one at a time, and I usually don’t need any more than 2 unless I have a cold or something an upper respiratory infection (you know it’s true).

When I try to get off my Klonopin, I take Ibuprofen to counteract the withdrawals. It actually puts me in a good mood. It makes me a bit sharp and quick witted.

Tylenol seems less effective to me though. Sometimes I take like 600mg-800mg ibuprofen cause the store brand is weak, so you need that much, and I had the prescription for dental problems that was that much so I know it’s safe

I can’t take ibuprofen, it interferes with my meds.
I rarely take acetaminophen.

I used to take a lot of Tylenol until someone told me it is hard on one’s liver. Now, I rarely take it but have it on hand. I think it opens up the circulation in my head.

No I don’t take that. I take paracetamol. I hardly ever take painkillers.

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