I thought this was a free country?

Remember when you were a little kid and you used the expression, “Well it’s a free country”? I’m sick of control freaks.


Is everything al right Nick?

Thanks for asking. I’m just a little dissatisfied with some things.

Personally, I was rather fond of CONTROL agent Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon).

It was KAOS that was the real pain.

Yes, she was pretty. Sorry about that chief.

So what is the country doing to stop you from being free?

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Free for people not to be prejudice against me. To not take advantage of their position. I know you’re trying to be Mr. Reality here but you don’t know what I’ve gone through for 5 years.

I have always tried to look at people eye to eye, meaning on an equal level. I thought that this was a normal thing to do, so I was shocked and angry when I ran into others who do quite the opposite. Does this relate to your situation.

Yes it does…

The older I get the less impressed and intimidated I am by people’s positions, titles, money, or authority.


I hear you.

Open mind and a closed heart or a closed mind and a open heart or open mind and open heart. ? People come to me and ask what’s free. I tell them if I tell you Itsno longer free its being used.

An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded. - Dawn of War

will hay field is your fortressand your reaper is your sword who do you turn to other then the lord

Not sure if Im out of line Nick, I dont know all of what you have been through-but just wanted you toknow that you are equal to anyone. There are a lot of ignorant people out there-but you dont have to worry about it. If its your job, we all have to deal with coworkers and bosses that suck. You can always get another job.
I probably have no idea whats going on but-I wish you peace-and dont let anyone steal that from you-it is yours!*

Thanks bridgecomet. I will try to take that to heart.

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There is no free country left in this world, people are just advancing technologically, but going backwards from human values.

The problem with the concept of freedom is that one person’s freedom suppresses everyone else’s freedom. The saying “Your freedom ends where mine begins.” is a great example. Unfortunately people have a right to discriminate, the folly of government is to balance that with the freedom to NOT be discriminated against. Both freedoms cannot exist and eventhough one is obviously bad and the other good, government doesn’t have concept of good or bad. So we rely on politicians to interpret good or bad and write the results into law based on (mostly) popular vote by people who all have vastly different opinions.

Basically almost all freedoms are limited by themselves.

A dictatorship is a perfectly free country…but only in the eyes of the dictator.

It is important that we strive for equality, not just freedom.


For some it was free, for some it cost large amounts.

No such thing as free country.