I thought the mentally ill or lost had flat eyes

But in all the pictures I’ve seen of us, I don’t see any of the flat eyed look. Is that because we’re aware?

Years ago, I used to feel fine but when I looked in the mirror sometimes I’d have what looked like to me “evil eyes”. Thankfully they’ve gone now.

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Ive looked at a few of my old photos, when i was pro-dromal, a good 6 years before the sz diagnosis - and in hindsight you can see i was ill.

My eyes was lost flat and grey. Shame no other bloody medical professional picked up on me, i might have got my insight back years sooner.


My eyes were never flat, but I definitely had what my ex called “crazy eyes.” You could tell I was ill by looking at me. Not anymore.


The only “flat eyes” look I’ve seen was a guy on YouTube who had an occipital type lobotomy.

I think for many years I had an ‘inward stare’. I think it has passed now - sometimes my eyes look a bit stoned

My fiancée and mother can normally tell when I’m not doing to hot, by my eyes. They say they change and I get a thousand meter stare.

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A former coworker seemed able to see when I stopped meds. Dont know how, might been the eyes.

if you are doped up to the eyeballs then you can look very gaunt and placid, tired eyes

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Oh, I definitely can have the ‘‘crazy’’ eyes… My ex was saying to me, that I have empty eyes when he was angry to me… But I know this very well and its a pain… I still try to hide my eyes sometimes… Too much of insight on this is probably paranoid too :confused: But yeap, I think still a lot if my eyes are ‘‘fine’’…

I was checking out the latest selfie thread and was relieve to see how few of us have CRAZEE EYES.

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