Do you have empty eyes? (From meds)

  • Yes
  • No
  • I can’t tell

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I can’t tell… 15151515

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I do not understand the question… empty eyes???

Dead eyes 1t6w2u

Tired eyes maybe? 151515

I think it’s more like staring eyes. Eyes that don’t blink much. That’s what I see in paranoid people on meds.

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Yes? 1515151515

Eyes with no licer in them

I don’t think so. My meds are very good they help a lot for dead feeling, especially the low dose of olanzapine I take. But I get my bad days like everyone else.

When I have paranoia I feel people can see it in my eyes

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I see that staring, unblinking eyes look in paranoid people sometimes. It’s not caused by the meds but by the illness. I once had that when I was floridly psychotic with really bad auditory and olfactory hallucinations. I could feel it in my eyes. I could also see it in my paranoid sz son sometimes.

I have empty eyes but from the illness not meds.


Meds made my eyes more uninteresting and I always have a stupid look when I look in the mirror


Yes I have what I like to call “fish eyes”
Dead eyes.

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Maybe a little, sometimes. I don’t think it’s the meds. Except when I’m loopy. When I’m really loopy I think I look a little stoned.

I can’t really tell. I would hope my eyes are just as lively as before.

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Yeah I had this suspicion lately that other people (not all, the clever ones) somehow just by looking at me can spot that I’m on meds

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I have a stupid look even thou I am not stupid

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I can tell how smart a person is just by their eyes

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My face was way more animated before I got sick. Now I have a flat affect. I guess that includes my eyes too.

I’m sure the meds don’t help, although I’m not on very much.