When's the last time you heard voices?

I haven’t had hallucinations that I know of in a while.

  • Now
  • Today
  • This week
  • 2-4 weeks ago
  • 1-3 months ago
  • 4-6 months ago
  • 7 month to a year ago
  • Over a year ago
  • Never

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I usually hear something at least once a day.


I chose this week. But it was more a scream than an actual voice.

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Practically soon as I walked in the door back home from hanging with friends the evil voice started chatting my ear off. It’s still hanging around I’m just pushing it away but it’s tiring to do so and when I try to sleep it will likely jump in again. Luckily I have pills for that.

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Having small convo with an alter now. :coffee:

But earlier things were whispering very mean things

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My meds are working, so over a year ago

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It’s been about a month since I’ve heard anything, but the shadows don’t need to talk to me for me to know what they want.

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Usually when I’m very drunk I tend to hear things

Maybe once or twice every day now with meds

What meds do u take. I havnt seen u around here before

Invega 6mg soon probably up to 9mg. I take esclipram in the morning for depression too

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Yesterday. Was called ***holes by my neighbors. Had the weather report playing in my head. Other things like the voices parroting my thoughts. Meh! Sza is awful.


over a year ago when i had my last psychotic episode.

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I take invega 6 mg too. It works well for me. Still some paranoia, but no hallucinations.

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