I think they are incapable of feeling any empathy

Even women with children can’t respond about your cesarean

And the men completely gone

First child had his cord wrapped around his neck not once but 3 times…he was dying in the womb…they rushed them off…

Second child was natural…when he came out he didn’t even cry…he stared at his mom…with a wtf expression on his face…he has huge personality…

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I hope both kids are doing well now

It sounds serious

God bless

My son was breech

I think he was getting kicked in the head


Nothing to do with his down syndrome

Lots of times I comment support that has nothing to do with me

I wonder

What exactly is the problem

Daze, just something to consider. Sometimes you can be very supportive. Other times, at the drop of a hat, you can lash out at people. This can make it challenging for some forum members to interact with you and so they may opt not to.

I can name 5 people right now that are incapable of reaching out

Very sad this site

Predudice and hatred

And not only that

But rewarded by the mods

Whilst being born i exited the womb so fast i nearly killed my own mother.

I just couldn’t wait to get started i suppose.

It was beautiful.


@Daze You may not realize this or want to acknowledge this, but the Mods have been spending an enormous amount of our time moderating your posts rather than just suspending you. I, for one, am rapidly approaching my threshold and will have to start resorting to suspensions.

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Give birth and get back to me

Very out numered here

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