When I go, my mother will go shortly after, almost certain of it

anguish, strife, struggle, she’s see it all in my life,

lived thru her own, and never wanted to see this in me.

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nobody cares, Sheri. mods have done a good job of that.

no idea why you hang around this place

I wish I hadn’t put my mother through what I have - just like you do @daze it’s a lot for anyone to have to have as a burden is a child with SZ

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I care, so that’s at least 1 person

yeah. it’s appreciated.

I hated getting suspended from here

Hope you don’t go too far @daze and it happens again

We have few places to go with our health complaints, so I’d hate to see you denied that support when you need it

ohhh, idk, the site doesn’t like strong women.

It’s not that nobody cares @Daze . This is the quiet time on the forum. Not many people on. I wish you and your mother the best.

You be who you are @daze don’t let anyone change you - I think you just need to relax on your combat mode sometimes

People here just want to help mostly

ah huh. never mind. you’re not my kind. I should never be singled out, flagged, hidden, banned, or hated.

I know who I am, and proud of it.

they wish, Sheri, that’s what it’s all about. you don’t play fu-ck-ing games, and They do!

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