A baby is a born enemy

Really, after the pain of childbirth, did you think we could actually be friends?


I think it is beautiful. Do you have any kids @chordy
My mom is so precious.


The title made me laugh… hardly the babies fault it was painful…or even born for that matter… why label them enemies for things way beyond their control…?


I think babies kick ass…

I dont have one but got a niece, she might be one of the few things keeping me alivee.

Shes not even mine and i love her so much


FFS: Picking on infants? You are one of the most bitter, unpleasant people I’ve ever run across @chordy. If you want to know what the source of your problems is, seek out a mirror.


That’s too funny! I guess I rightfully should have an attitude towards my daughter. Three days of labor and 3 hours pushing, little brat. lol


Babies are simultaneously the best and the worst.

I’m okay with the pain of childbirth, breast feeding, and the burden of another human’s soul,

But now we gotta take these jerks to Disney?



Im abit scared to pass my jeans along…

I feel like the baby isnt going to be to happy with me :frowning: :frowning:

Never taken mine there. I take her hiking in the prairies or the mountains with a camera, which I taught her to use.


I’m not proud of this,

But if I’m being 100% honest,

My kid is too young to really appreciate Disney,

I may have planted the idea so that I can go to Disney because I love it.

No judgments.


I’m not forking out over ten thousand dollars for a trip where I celebrate someone’s corporate branding. Anyone can do Disney – my daughter is one of the few to snowshoe out to a frozen waterfall in the mountains in winter. Incredible experience.



He’s got his Dad for those types of activities.

They did some nature-y stuff just last weekend, great pictures, but I’m an indoor/climate control kind of lady.

West Edmonton Mall!

(I used to live next to it, not worth the trip.)

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Yah can’t help the way you feel. Do you want lies?

I’d settle for silence. I can’t take hatred, no matter how nicely it’s veneered.


Then ignore me. I’ve been told that hatred is better than nothing.

Hmm veeking quote… be helpful or be silent… i find no use for hate… its neither productive nor healthy… i thought this thread was a joke… i cannot fathom why anyone would be mad at an infant…

I think some mothers have trouble bonding after a traumatic birth. But most are able to recover.

Physiologically, a huge blast of oxytocin which happens at birth makes it pretty easy for most mothers to bond.

You’re wrong, as usual.

Then the pdoc who told me that was wrong. I tend to agree with him because people desperate for stimulation will pick a fight.