I think the forum rules should be made into a "pinned topic" like the Crisis intervention resources

It cant be that hard to do technically wise. Is there any reason why they are not?


or the “intro to sz forum” or whatever it’s called. this thread here:

People have a hard time finding them as it stands now.

I’m not sure why they’re not.

Wait, they are pinned. Are you on mobile?


No, I’m on computer. It says “unpinned”. The only topic that is pinned is on default for me is the Crises line. I guess I might have the option to pin them myself…I don’t understand why one topic is pinned by default and the other isn’t…I didn’t unpin them as far as I know.

Well, I changed it to pinned and it still isn’t showing at the top of my list like the crisis line. I don’t get how the forum software works I guess.

Maybe because it’s a locked topic?..IDK…
All I know is that it doesn’t show up at the top of the list where you can find it like the Crisis intervention resources.

I’m going to try to contact szadmin and see if he can do something about it

It shows for me at the top of the Dx’d category.

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Yeah, it does for me too if I switch to that catagory. Now since I have pinned it anyway.

I sent szadmin a message and asked if he could look into changing it so it is like the “crisis intervention resources”. I’m not sure why one sticky shows up on the main page and one does not but maybe he can figure it out.

It is pinned. After you read a pinned topic it unpins itself for only you.

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Oh, i see. Someone made a new post in the Crisis intervention services, so it automatically stayed at the top of my list until I just viewed the rest of that topic. It is no longer at the top of my list now since I looked at it. I thought it was pinned permanently because of this. Because the forum guidelines are locked, they never get new posts and thereby do not stay pinned at the top of the list until you view them. Thanks, @supernova , I think I figured out how the forum “pinning” works now since you explained that part. Time to message szadmin and tell him nevermind :stuck_out_tongue:.

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