I can never find the rules

I have a bit of a problem I’m a bit of a goodie tooshoe also I like to not get into trouble but I can never find the rules usually I’m obsessing about the rules can’t find them

They’re always pinned at the top.

This is what I see I don’t wanna accidentally break a rulw

Your in meta, go to all topics

Honestly this is what I see and I don’t wanna accidentally get into trouble

I think you have to change the setting for how you handle pinned topics. If you cant figure that out though just bookmark this thread. I will link here.

Ive accidentally before revived a thread thinking that its new ive seen others do it too tho those all seem like common sense rules i always on other websites spend a lot of time going over the rules

I’m even worse/better at reading mnr fishing regulations to make sure I don’t get fined

I’ve now bookmarked it so I don’t get into trouble or worse banned I do my best to not get banned

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The option for unpinning topic after it is read is in preferences/interface. You want the box unchecked like here.


This topic discusses what I’m talking about.

Thanks I have been slightly worried about getting the ban hammer I will learn all the rules and stuff so no problems arise

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Idk I am still worried about being banned for ■■■■ I’ve said while frustrated not only do I swear too much I’m a person who tries to follow the rules but just like I’m doing now all I do is complain

They said a study shows that people who swear are more loyal and honest friends atleast that’s a good thing I guess

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Your worry is not warranted. No one is going to ban you for complaining.

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Thanks I needed that confirmation I need people to understand I’m just having a bit of issues I’m going into therapy idk when

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