Why aren't the forum guidelines pinned at the top of the forums?

It is hard to find them when I want to reference them again because I forgot them a little and need to remember.

Just don’t get so hiccup shdrunk that they can tell from you’re posts.

Oh and be a kind and decent human being and all that, don’t scare people and you should be good.

I like the be kind and nice, but dont like posting after using any recreational drugs or alcohol.

Alcohol is a trigger for me if I drank I would have anxiety, depression, bad voices, alcoholism.

If someone cant post or express them selves without recreational drugs or alcohol they should get treatment for that and not post at all.

The guidelines are pinned in the introductions at the top of “diagnosed” “family” “news,” and “medications” forums when clicked on as separate categories… In the “Intro to” pins

But they are not pinned in a couple categories or at the top of the main “all categories” forum.

If that made sense?

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