I think people assume that we are learning impaired

I have had a lot of professionals treat me a little bit like I am learning impaired, just saying. The therapists knew way better, within an hour of talking with me they figure out that I am not of lesser intelligence.

Do people ever treat you a bit like you’re retarded? Even Fred Frese has said in his speeches that people in the field (hes a scz psychologist) treat him like he’s retarded sometimes.

Like I get so bored sometimes because I do my work very well and very quickly, when I sit down to write or read I have a mission which must be accomplished and nothing gets in my way and I do not stop until it is finished and finished correctly on the first try. Since that is kind of weird, I get my work done earlier than most and then have all day and night to be what I call “An idle American” or “an American idle”, a play on words of the show “American Idol”

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Seriously,when I am bored and my brain is not moving people around me treat me like a useless retard,when something interest me and I am in the mood or flow,I am like Albert Einstein…maybe that’s a bit exaggerating lol


Advertisers assume that Everyone is learning impaired.

But my psychiatrists and psychologists have never made that assumption.

Yeah …but I really am kinda out there to the point where you would notice it right off.

don’t knock the retarded…we get offended easy :smiley:
take care :alien:


Hard to say. We are very sensitive people at times. Add we see way too much into things. So sometimes it’s just all in the mind as they say.


I’ve noticed those of us with divergent thought patterns can be threatening to many people causing confusion on how to interact with us.

For me there was a threshold that I crossed where…I just don’t care what others think , sure I act weird and in some cases scare people but I still live with a forward thought process.

No one thought I’m learning impaired, I’m.

Everyone used to call me Encyclopedia, it’s just exaggeration.

Now everyone knows I’ve Schizophrenia.

I’m really really learning impaired…

Now they know.

My H.O.D now he is Principal or some other post

says " Don’t you remember me? " " If you read you remember ".

He doesn’t agree with me being Schizophrenic.

Now, I came to know that I have Depression along with Paranoid type Schizophrenia.

Why was I getting all negative thoughts? Why was I feeding on negative memories and negative impulses… it’s because of Amygdala - Depression.

I feel helpless. My Father and Sister are Doctors but they don’t understand.

I have to turn the House upside down to get money.

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And vice versa I suppose lol.

If that’s true, I think it’s because ppl with schizophrenia tend to have symptoms of cognitive impairment. But ppl with schizophrenia are different from one another, so some do have cognitive impairment but some don’t, like you. But I definately do have cognitive impairment. It’d be impossible for me to function as a college student. It’s hard for me to understand stories like novels or even comic books. For those who have seen ppl like me a lot, then it’s almost automatic for them to assume that ppl with schizophrenia are learning impaired. Honestly, it’s been a little shock for me to know that there’s a schizophrenic like you, and I just can’t help but wonder why you are so clear-headed while having schizophnirnia because to me, having schizophrenia means your brains are not the way they used to be.

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I’m getting along with the new roommates. I’m learning a lot. Pretty soon I’ll be mean enough to hold my own with you guys. I can be nice and mean at the same time. I prefer nice. I had dinner at my sisters house tonight. Enchiladas yum. Chatted for about an hour and a half. My sisters told me again: I’m a good person. I need to hear that. it’s a tough world but I think with a little luck I just might win. Ah, the games people play, lol. But it’s pretty serious at the same time, lol. I’m sure you all experience the same things I do.


I’m glad the new place is working out for you. It sounds like you can relax and enjoy.

Yes, i might have appeared learning impaired.

While i was being maimed and they were in my mind shouting “if you talk about us we’ll ■■■■■■■ hurt you so bad you wouldn’t believe!” i might have appeared that way.

Yeah we could appear that way. In the hands of psychopaths we could most certainly appear that way.

I have to adjust to living with people again. It’s a balance between getting along and not letting them run over me, no matter how nice they are.

“The world’s just a little town, everybodies trying to pull their own ground”.
John Lennon, “Isolation”.

My schizophrenia is not a factor so far. And it is not going to be. But it is hard as hell to hide it.

Dear Nick,

    I live in an old farm house divided into two apartments.  I have a lot of interaction with my neighbors.

   My brother comes over a lot.  He tells me that the woman below is aggressive and abusive.     I thank my brother for offering that reality check.


I’m working on being as crazy as everybody else. I need that elusive x-factor that everybody else seems to have. That ability to just lose it and scare people off. The ability to go off on someone. Because there’s a lot of ticking time bombs out there, men and women. People respect crazy. I used to live where the young hoods “mad dog” you. if you look at them they snap. I triggered it sometimes and it was scary. I need to even the playing field. But this kind of talk is depressing!
I prefer Louis Armstrong’s outlook on life. It’s a wonderful world!

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I think learning difficulties do occur with schizophrenia but it is wrong to automatically assume that is the case.

I like to play the piano. I’m sure people think that’s weird while they have there nose in their iphone/ipad

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