I think my social skills are better than ever

I am able to approach strangers at school. I notice that everywhere I go on campus, I run into someone I know due to being sociable and meeting them before. Like for example, I saw a buff guy with a gallon of water eating alone at lunch and I put my gallon of water next to his and said “well you look like you lift.” And then ate with him and had a decent conversation about working out. Just an example. As a side note, I am pretty buff myself so that makes it make sense. I’ve done all sorts of exercise in my days. I sat next to an rotc guy in the front row of a class and he was cool. I also have been dating a girl and am going on a double date with her and my friend and his girlfriend tomorrow night. She knows all about my mental health issues and hasn’t got up and left. She herself has OCD. I told her the facts from my evaluation last night. She was cool with it.


Your a real champ mouse. You deserve all the friends in the world.

I dont really reach out to strangers, don’t find to much worth in it. Did wish I had a larger group of core friends. Hang out everyday at my brothers house, my cousin lives there and they got two roomates. That is basically my social life.

Feel like im beating this sz thing finally. maybe 85% through it. I might just be on a good swing but it feels a lot more solid then it has in the past. Another 6 months and I should be ready to get back to living a real life.

You’re a walking inspiration for overcoming mental illness. I mean that.

I also kind of get the feeling im doing better then I ever was. Still got symptoms, but I really expect them to stop eventually. I just mean better as a solid comfortable in my own skin kind of person.

Social anxiety + years of cannabis use left an internal feeling of just being an invalid person. Took two years of being sober to finally get the feeling im just like everyone else. I have every right to life and to feel good about myself.

Your gonna be just fine dude. You don’t even need luck.

Best wishes man.


Thanks, best of luck to you too! I have noticed you making progress lately, you have got this ■■■■ down. Just keep up the progress. I started out at the bottom with only one friend.

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