I think my delusions have hurt...but have also helped somehow

By believing I’m Jesus Christ the famous musician it has given me some initiative, things to work towards, entertainment by my thoughts, less mundaneness, drive, passion, belief, spirituality, found my purpose somewhat. It has enhanced my life. It is also something that has hurt me a lot? But moreso in the past than the present.

Setting insurmountable lifelong goals like becoming Jesus…I still have my bad nights like last night but overall it has made life more interesting.

Anyone can see some positive out of your delusions?

Im not saying I believe I’m Jesus, it’s just a delusion lol. I don’t actually believe it anymore but I live by it. Even though that doesn’t make sense at all. I can see past it but at the same time it lingers…those damn delusions. But I do see a bit of positive in it at this point.

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I may like delusions, especially grandiose!


Fortunately my ego is in check. I don’t let it go to my head!! I have humanized myself, the potential lord as a man of struggle, a human being, not god, not greater than anybody else but just a checks and balances type thing where I am here to save us from the apocalypse to be a hero…not god!! That is what I believe my purpose is when I’m delusional the most.

But most the times I just wanna make a living, be independent, get a wife and live a long life!

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hey I have a question. I guess you would say this is a delusion but since I was in my twenties I’ve had this ability to see when someone has cancer before the dr gives them the bad news. Now obviously that can’t be real but it’s an awfully big coincidence. So I haven’t thought of this for years because I haven’t spotted anyone with cancer but I now have the problem of seeing this in a very very close loved one and don’t know what to do about it. I know it’s not real but what if it is and I could save this person’s life by saying something. I’m actually sick over this situation and getting more upset by the day. Should I say something or just chalk it up to delusional thinking?

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I would tell them and preface it with “You may think I’m crazy about to say this all” and “I don’t want to scare you” and “I hope I’m wrong”…But I would tell them, but thats just me.

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I had a friend who ended up having melanoma. I didn’t say anything. She died. But, it wasn’t just a feeling, it was visible.

Anyway, I would tell them you just have a feeling and wish they would get a screening. What kind of cancer do you think they have?

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that’s terrible about your friend, I’m sorry.

and I don’t get any specific information it’s just a general feeling that they have this thing, it’s a certain aura about them. I know it’s crazy, I really do. but I’ve been right so many times. I wonder if my meds are petering out?!?

I think of her often and wonder if it would have made any difference if I said anything, but probably not, because the reason she didn’t get it checked was that she had no insurance.

I couldn’t have paid for her doctor, so telling her to go would probably have done nothing.

Anyway, something like 1 in 3 people get cancer in their lifetime, so if you don’t have any indication of what it might be, just encourage them to get a checkup and the usual screenings, mammogram, PSA, colonoscopy, etc.

It could be delusional if there’s nothing specific that points to cancer but checkups are good, right? ??

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