Delusions: I have no answers

I mean to me, someone who is delusional is suffering obviously. But looking at peoples delusions I think back to when I was kid. As I rode my bike or wrestled or fought with my friends or had water balloon fights or whatever, none of these grand delusions manifested themselves in any way. It was simple: I got on my bike and peddled, I threw a football, I played in the dirt. I came home and my mom fixed me soup and a sandwich and I ate it and then went outside and romped with the dog.

Even when I got older and smoked pot all it involved was passing the bong ( never, ever, drink bong water lol.) and feeling high and going to eat ice cream and then sitting there listening to Led Zeppelin or Aerosmith in the first phase of their career. I hope I’m not insulting anyone but delusions aren’t giving anyone special answers. Realty is driving to work, coming home and fixing dinner and cleaning house. This is how life works.

Like I said, I have delusions too and I include myself in this mess of life. But my delusions don’t mean anything once I step out of my house. If I’m shopping at Safeway or getting stamps at the post office why doesn’t any of these grand delusions manifest themselves in any way? I’ve never seen god at Rite-Aid, I see vitamins on sale for half price or ex-lax- buy one-get another one half off. Now that’s reality in spades. I don’t know the answer except if you see someone is delusional, at the very most try to talk them down or something. At the very least, don’t feed into their delusions.


I’m sorry you were never taught to reach further than your grasp.

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I taught myself.

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God is real and has to talk to someone. Why can’t it be me?

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Yes @77nick77 . Delusions and other positives are very seductive. It’s hard when your mind is telling you something that is false. Believing in it doesn’t make it anymore real because it’s not. I still like the line from the Dire Straits song. Two people think they’re Jesus- one of them must be wrong…

I’ve met a lot of people who thought they were Jesus in psychosis. I can even say I’m one.

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It seems like your main question was why don’t the delusions manifest in public. Is that what you were asking?

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Yes, that’s part of it.

When I’m delusional it keeps going in public but I try not to be noticed so I don’t act on things. I have never had a delusion of grandeur though.

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Apologies are in order big time for putting words in your mouth yesterday surrounding this topic. Alice is a solid heroine… and that is it.

The girl(who singed my memory) that I spoke of yesterday expresses herself incessantly and I must do it on some level to feel closer/or make up for loss.

But it may be organic/genuine now, and consistent with that, I can’t help but include here that

I am super partial to all things “Nightmare on Elm Street 4”,

just bear with me…

when I was real young I read the book to it, bc I had a “non sexual crush” on “Karate Rick”. He had [Daddy issues] and landed some punches on ‘true fear’, I guess you could say.

Anyway the best part is Alice [another solid heroine (and sister!)]… in the off chance you haven’t seen it. The best part is her arc and final scene in the mirror.

So, I will back you up!

Lastly one more example is I remember I also would secretly emulate The Lead singer in the 80’s group A-ha on their famous video… the boy is like going [in and out] but is a total hero and fights those guys with wrenches (demons?).

I just look to outward comparisons to fill in gaps, because I’m like I’m ‘Locked Out’ of my personality. I don’t see myself clearly.

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I never thought I was Jesus. Just that I hear the voices that he heard and will hear again when he returns

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