I think maybe there is a clear voice, but I don't know

It’s a girl, she sounds about 16/17. What she says is usually to antagonise me, though sometimes she answers questions for me. She has a very distinct sound to her voice.
She’s only there sometimes, but sometimes I think I can bring her in? Sometimes it takes me a short while to really notice she’s speaking.
I’m unsure though because sometimes I think I made her up myself. She tells me that I did and I’m just after the attention, but considering that it’s her saying that I don’t know whether to believe it or not.
I think I can remember the first night she started speaking to me. I can’t remember exactly what she’d said, but I remember it was on a pretty bad night and it made me cry. She’s been talking to me since then.

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If they’re real, so be it. I treat them all as real - as if they are family. If my mind is making them up, I need to respond appropriately. Treating them as non-real persons never gets anywhere.

I used to think these characters were anthropomorphized cells or organs in my body, that my body’s various mechanisms were gaining consciousness and becoming real - answering to me as sort of a “god” over them, but I treat them as equals and don’t bolster any personal “god” delusions.

My dreams are hyper vivid & people are super real in my dreams, but none-the-less, is any of it real? Who cares!? Believe or disbelieve. Make something of it.