I think it’s ok if I think I don’t have sz

As long as I’m taking meds I don’t have symptoms therefore I don’t have sz. I get bad anxiety and moods and I’m not sure what to do about that though. I have an app on Thursday the day I’m going on holiday


Think about it this way, I’m diabetic. I need insulin to survive. When I take insulin to live, doesn’t mean my diabetes has gone away. It just means it’s being successfully treated.


I accept the psychosis not sz. I really struggle.


Psychosis is a symptom of mental illness. When I have symptoms of high blood sugar, they improve with successful treatment of my diabetes. It’s the same for any illness really.


I agree but in my head it’s not sz but some other kind of illness like anxiety or my moods possibly depression. I still put sza on forms for insurance purpose etc. I mean I’ve had so many different dx’s and I’m uncertain about most of them. But I don’t feel it’s sz.

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Right it’s not up to me to diagnose you. Doctors who really know you can do that. You can talk to your medical team about. Generally they are helpful that way. Hope you find the answers you seek.


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