I Think I'm Hypomanic

So yesterday morning I woke up FULL OF ENERGY. This never happens. I was just so happy and MOTIVATED. I felt like I had to do so many things, ideas kept coming in my head for things to do. I ended up baking FOUR CAKES, cleaning all 3 bathrooms, doing the dishes, doing 3 loads of laundry…

Today was more up and down, I got bursts of energy and then bursts of normal.

The scariest thing is that I can tell I’m becoming hypersexual. Thinking about sex constantly, doing things… Today I had sex with a stranger I met from Craigslist. This is the kind of behavior that got me ARRESTED a year ago.

I’ve also been driving really fast, smoking a lot more (cigarettes)…

The good news is my Abilify seems to be working, the voices are much better and I feel less paranoid. But I’m wondering if Abilify could be causing some of my bad decisions since I know it can cause compulsive gambling and sex.

I talked to my therapist about it today and she said it’s good that I have insight and recognize that I might be hypomanic but honestly I’M TERRIFIED! This hasn’t happened in over a year and the last time… I may still go to prison because of what I did the last time.

I don’t know what to do. What should I do?

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How old do you feel now?

What do you mean? That’s an odd question.

Hmm not really all inner child ■■■■ especially with bipolar.

I’ve always felt like a 17 year old trapped in a man’s body. Never really matured the way I should have.

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Be careful, Abilify can induce Mania.
Especially in the beginning of taking it.


Come to my house and clean it before the mood wears off. I’ll pay you for your time.

I keep hoping my energy comes back soon…my house is waiting patiently.

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where were you, all my life?

just kidding.

those are live traps. be careful.

did she suggest medication? being hypersexual is problematic. there are drugs to control it.

Is it that easy? I’ve had troubles with just getting dates.

Anyway you know that some of what you are doing is dangerous. Just try and not do the dangerous behavior. When I was manic I just wanted to invent things and solve problems.