I think I'm gonna cut out the soda and replace it with orange juice

I drink 2 cans of soda, I haven’t had soda for 2 days and I think I’m feeling a bit better.

Maybe replace it with orange juice to get some vitamins.


Sounds like a good idea?


If it’s fresh squeezed. A lot of the packaged orange juice is as bad for you as soda and sometimes worse.


Orange juice is very high in sugar. Maybe one glass a day is better. It’s natural sugar if it’s fresh squeezed but it’s still a lot


Sounds like a great idea! Fruit sugars are so much better for us because they don’t spike blood sugar as much as refined and come with vitamins.

2 cans of coke has 70 grams of sugar which is 70% of the recommended daily allowance of sugar. But those are refined sugars so they’re very bad for us compared with real fruit juice.

Smart move @magz !!

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Definitely better than soda
Not from concentrate orange juice is healthiest and tastes nice sweet

Thats because fruits have fiber. Its the fiber that stabilizes blood sugar and prevents spikes.


Juice they sell in stores doesn’t have fiber so it will spike blood sugar.

Orange juice is almost just as bad as soda!

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Yea that’s true. And not just the fiber tho… Fruit has a lot of fructose and fruit fructose doesn’t raise insulin as much as fructose from refined sugars which can also contain more glucose which raises insulin even more. I’m no expert but thats what I’ve read.

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V8 splash is a very tasty juice that is packed with vitamins! And you can slowly start diluting it with water over time to get used to less sugary drinks


Yes, refined sugar has no fructose but is sucrose.

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I stopped drinking orange juice because it interacts with zyprexa. I feel a lot worse mentally if I drink it. It took me a while to figure it out. May not be the same for you, but some people get troubles combining citrus fruits with AP’s.

I drink berry and apple juice and smoothies instead, and supplement with vitamin C.

It would be better to just eat an orange. I have diabetes, and an orange does seem to hurt much so long as I keep it to one or two a day. They help with craving sugar.

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Minutemaid has three zero sugar flavors in the fridge department. They have pink lemonade, mango passion fruit and regular lemonade. I love these as a treat, as they are tasty but zero sugar. Also krogers sells unsweetened, decaf iced tea, as well as sugar free sweet tea. It’s nice in the summertime. Walmart sells sugar free and calorie free flavored waters. If you have trouble drinking plain water like me, these are some great options that don’t wreak havoc on your blood sugar, but will keep you hydrated. If you want a cheaper option, you can buy mint and lemons, and squeeze them in your water. Very cheap and refreshing.

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You want to know two treats that are pretty great. It might take some getting used to but once you do it’s totally craveable

Amazon.com: bubly Sparkling Water, Red White and Blue Variety Pack, 12 fl oz Cans (18 Pack), zero calories & zero sugar : Grocery & Gourmet Food

and if you really got to have some sugar, that’s fine, I totally get it, try this

Amazon.com : V8 Blends 100% Juice Strawberry Banana Juice, Fruit and Vegetable Juice Blend, 46 Ounce Bottle (Pack of 6) : Fruit Juices : Grocery & Gourmet Food

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Oh the V-8 Strawberry-Banana has a coupon right now. You get 6 of the big bottles for only a little under $16 and you can use your EBT card! Total score! I got me some.


I think I’ll cut out the whisky and just have gin instead… :stuck_out_tongue:

Orange juice is terrible for you.

Have a zevia soda instead! It uses stevia leaf which is plant based sweetner.

If you want to drink a juice cranberry is a better option. Lower in sugar and good for your kidneys.