I think I psyched myself out saying i was gonna get "jacked"

My new methodology is im gonna do 10 pushups every day…that’s it, that’s all. If I do 10 pushups every day i will be in decent shape. I wont become a bodybuilder or anything, but before dinner from now on i will do 10 pushups. I like my new method :slight_smile:

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pfft. Do 20.

I used to do at least 10 to build strength, but that I got used to and pushed up to 20 eventually.

Maybe ill do 20 after a month or so of 10

but I only wanna do 1 set that I can handle pretty easily, and right now that would be 10

Sounds good.

I kind of struggle to do any anymore.

I just kind of would do like 3 and would just want to fall asleep on the floor haha

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I can do around 3 before i collapse


Just lift a weight… but seriously 1 set per day is all you need

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three tiered push ups are best… its easy to setup… we used 3 sandbags… 2 on the ground and 1 stacked on top of them in the middle… do 1 push up with both hands on the ground…the next put one hand on the first sandbag do a push up … then that hand on the top sand bag push up then back down to the first sand bag push up…then back to the ground push up… and then swap hands… I could pass my required amount of push ups with 1 hand after doing those kind of push ups for about 2 months…