I think I’m going to have to sedate my cat

This is the 5th attempt.
Even with a new hard carrier my cat refuses to get into her carrier.

I managed to pick her up and bring her over to the carrier.

She fights her way out of the damn thing and refuses to get inside!

I’m too old for this ■■■■!

I’m going to keep trying, this time with the help of my father and see if we can get her inside but if after a few more attempts she doesn’t cooperate I’m going to ask her vet for cat tranquilizers.

I really didn’t want to resort to drugging her but I don’t see another way right now.

The meds can be given to her before going to the vet or groomers.

She’s very skittish still.


Have you tried putting treats in it to get her to go in? I viewed some videos on this prior to getting my dog. It seems its best to do things that help them associate their crate with comfort, food, toys, etc until they are used to crate. We had our dog sleeping in crate comfortably while she was a puppy. Now she just hogs my bed :laughing:.

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My cat is extremely smart.
If I place treats in her carrier to trap her, she’ll know what’s up.


I wouldn’t consider it a trap, so much as a reward or reinforcement that the crate is a good thing. If you do finally get her in, try giving her some treats and/or something else she likes to maybe show her its a good thing. It might help eventually for future attempts.

If you don’t think its going to work, that’s fine too though.

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I can certainly try but unfortunately I’m pretty sure it’s too late.
She’s associating the carrier with bad things.

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My Luna was like that.
I got a hard carrier, and then tipped it on the side so the opening was facing upwards.

If you grab cats by the skin at the back of their necks, it immobilises them.
I would do that, and then drop her into the carrier and shut the doors before she could get in position to jump.

And then I’d talk to her calmly and feed her treats through the grates.


I think the carrier may be too small also, I’m not sure.
It’s 19 inches

Yeah, it may be difficult to break her association of it as bad if she is passed the stage of learning that its good. My videos I watched were primarily designed for puppies. Probably not impossible to reverse eventually though.

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The carrier has a top opening as well.
I’m too scared to grab her by the back of her neck @Pikasaur

She won’t be able to do anything if you grab a fistful of neck skin. The important thing here is to not grab the neck itself, only grab the skin, it’s pretty loose back there.

It seriously disables the cat. I’ve seen vets put those big hairpins on skittish cats, and the cats just sinking down on the table.

It won’t hurt the cat.
It’s there so momma cat can easily carry the kittens.

That’s also where liquid flea medicine gets dripped onto the cat, because they cannot physically reach it themselves to clean it off.


The only issue I see with forcing cat into crate is it may reinforce the idea that it is a bad thing and may negate any positive reinforcement.

You gotta do what you gotta do though.

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That’s funny!! Haha

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Take the carrier and stand it up on its end, opened. Wrap her very tightly in a towel, and drop her into the carrier with the towel still around her so that she simply drops into the bottom. Shut the door. Set the carrier back down on the floor. Done.
Add: if you drape the towel lightly over her head, too she will not panic, since she can’t see. Just gotta be fast. @Wave


I’ve had good luck with this carrier for cats who are difficult to put in a box.

My only caution is to make sure it is snapped and secure because it is collapsible and kitty could escape.

I only use it when I absolutely need to and only carry it in my arms, and not by the handle.


Thanks to everyone!

I’ll try the towel method but I’m afraid the carrier’s opening is too small.
I may have to buy a bigger carrier.

Is 19 inches too small for a carrier?

It should be fine. The point of the towel is so she can’t splay her limbs when you slide her down into it. Drop her down feet first, not face first. Gravity will do the rest. You can take the towel off her once in and drape it over the outside of of the cage so she wont be as scared once in.

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Thanks @anon55031185!
I’ll try this!

No at this point I’m going to call the Vets office tomorrow and pick up some sedatives to give my cat so We will be prepared for the Vets visit next week.

She is very smart and knows that we are trying to place her in the carrier.

She won’t even let us approach her!

This must be the 15th attempt with no success!

She’s still a bit distrusting of us and skittish to some extent.

Hopefully this will calm her down enough so she can get in the carrier with no problems.

Otherwise she’s a good cat.

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They normally give cats and dogs Gabapentin to calm down.
I really hope this works.
If not I’m doomed.

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Hopefully your cat isn’t versed in medicine and won’t catch your plot :slight_smile: