Having difficulty with my cat!

My cat had a Vet appointment today and for the life of me I couldn’t get my cat to go in her carrier!
She struggled and twisted about and I even got scratched by her!

I managed to pick her up and placed her in the carrier but she managed to jump out right away!

I ended up canceling the Vet appointment because we were late at that point.

I don’t know what I’m going to do in the future.

I know that some cats are nervous and scared all the time but this is so frustrating.

I’m new to this.


Put something in her food to make her mellow.

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You need two people one to grab her the other to hold her in the case and yon both start zipping. My sister couldn’t get Don Juan he didn’t trust her so I had to come over put him in the case


You could try getting her more comfortable with the carrier. Might take some time, though.

But maybe give her some treats in front of the carrier. Once she chills out, considerably, in front of it, you can try placing some treats right at the entrance. And then eventually put treats further inside, working up slowly, further and further in.

After she’s OK with entering, you could try to see if she’ll relax and stay in there for a few minutes at a time. And then maybe try closing it? Then finally moving it, short distances, like from the bed to the desk.

I’ve had my cats since they were about 1 year old. They were Hubby’s cats, first, so I wasn’t there for the litterbox training and carrier training.

But I do know that most cats respond well to treats and speaking softly to them.

Good luck!


Try wrapping her in a little towel and plopping her in crate.


Thanks guys, I think it’s the carrier.
It’s soft and hard to zip up.

What do you guys think of getting a hard plastic carrier @Blossom @Jonnybegood

This may be easier to close her in.

She’s usually not afraid of her carrier as she’ll sometimes sleep in there.


You could try it! My cats have hard carriers. The cats cooperate enough, putting them in, but they don’t really like them. They cry for a while, cause they’re scared.

I think most cats don’t like being transported in a carrier.

But to answer your question, yes, I think it might be easier to put her into a hard carrier. The soft fabric ones are too flimsy.


Thanks @Blossom!
I’m going to order a hard carrier now!

Hopefully it will be easier.


Yeah I was thinking about asking the Vet for a sedative for her.
But I really don’t like the idea of drugging her

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I was once on a plane (flight from Heathrow to JFK) and there was someone being deported on the flight. He was cuffed and escorted by officials. He was screaming for help.

The flight attendant told that she would give him a shot to sedate him if she could.

Some people would use sedatives on humans too.

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Maybe hard to get the cat in, but once she/he is in the cat will settle down.
The vet won’t have a problem with your cat, they’re so used to unruly cat’s! I have a cat and he’s the same

Tk good care

Nesta x


Hey gently cover her with a towel then slide her in the crate. Put some snacks inside, maybe her favourite toy to keep her company and talk to her sweetly while she’s inside.



Thanks @lovesong and @MissJennyJen

I’m going to wrap her up in a towel next time.

I also bought some Feliway natural cat pheromones to calm her down.

Hopefully this will work.


I took my sisters cat to the vet and on walking back she escaped from the basket and ran off , maybe 20 minute walk to my sisters house. My sister was pis£sed. One week later we walked to Chinese takeaway and heard cat meowing and my sister picked her up and took her home.

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Glad your sister got her cat back!


@Wave I always got my cat in his carrier by putting him in backwards. In other words tail in first. And as soon as you get him all in, close the door. Easy as pie. And yes I used a hard carrier.


I put the carrier vertical and drop my cat in. Then just zip the opening closed.


Just put some cat treats in the carrier…raise the front end of the carrier when the cat goes in…and quickly shut the door.

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Some cat carriers have a top load option. Maybe that would be easier?

I now have two cats since I inherited my moms two cats. I took them both to the vet last week. I just stuffed them through the side opening and zipped it up. Both carriers are soft carriers. One is on wheels since one of the cats is quite heavy.


Thanks everyone.
The problem I’m having with her is she doesn’t like to be held.
She squirms and gets real skittish when I try to pick her up.
This makes it real hard to get her inside the carrier @SkinnyMe