I think I know where she is

The girl I knew my 2nd time in the psych ward. I think she’s working at the coffee kiosk in the city market uptown. @anon80629714, do you even vaguely remember me talking about her? It’s somewhat tempting to want to approach the kiosk and talk to her. That said, I don’t even hope and expect her to have a change of heart to want me. As much as I’ve matured since then and even if she’s forgiven me, I don’t want her anymore. She “gave an inch” and I think I tried “to take a yard” all those years ago. I’ve also realized over the years that I barely got to know her, anyway. I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m putting up walls, but I really think wherever she is in life right now, she’s satisfied. Besides, there’s other fish in the sea.

I’m not sure but from what you say it sounds like you’ve both moved on right ? You are right those , you will meet someone when the time is right :slight_smile:


I sometimes feel tempted to contact exes to patch up old wounds and just see how they are. I never actually do it though, because I ultimately remember why I don’t speak to them anymore. But it’s natural to feel nostalgic.


If she works at a kiosk, I would go buy something, wait till she recognizes you and let her take the initiative in conversation. If she doesn’t say anything or recognize you, move on.

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