I think I know what is the problem

I was just thinking and I think I know what is the problem in my relationship.

I am the stronger one. I hate it.

Is this how all relationships are with men? I wish I had someone to take care of me for once.

and know how to advise me, help me. This is what I miss. I feel lonely.

I look around at my friends’ relationships and they are so much worse, I know it can not get better than this.


No. No matter how bad I am feeling I’ve always been the one able to step up and comfort and protect. Some guys are just selfish or indifferent.

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I don’t think he is selfish. He is indifferent yes. Even to his family. He does not call his mom for example.
I don’t think he knows as a guy his responsibility in a relationship. I am only making observations but we have talked and talked over again. He lacks understanding.

He is very successful at work though so I wonder how he is the way he is.

I think most couples have the same problem but most are okay with it while I am not. How is this possible? Because I am MI? Another woman would be very happy in my situation.

Maybe you require a little bit more affection than some but that shouldn’t be hard to talk about.

Sometimes a relationship gets a little too routine and you gotta spice it up.

Sadly in today’s times when things get boring one usually cheats.

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I doubt that. I’m no relationship expert but the way people look at relationships is different as all their ideas on the subject are formed by their past experiences going into it. But what you seem to have a problem with sounds like a common complaint.

Also guys are just single minded and the way they figure things out typically is to shut down and kind of go into isolation for a period. It’s not that they hate you, they just have to focus on the one thing in order to figure it out.


Does that take more than a year’s time to figure out?

The problem is I am MI and I have no hope of a better future of any sort. Some days I am out of touch and do not remember my words even.

At least he is committed to me which I appreciate.

If I was single now, I’d meet random guys who only want to have short fun relationships and I don’t like it. I am also afraid of being used and dumped.

This has been going on for more than a year now, since we are living together.

I’m sure he cares. He may be trying to figure things out as you speak to him, I don’t know. Any way, he may not know the solution to your problem. Men and Women think very different and Woman are usually the smarter of the two, especially socially. Also Men are less likely to pick up on subtle nuances and the hidden messages Women expect us to know. I’d like to think most of us could, but we just aren’t smart enough due to Women being able to multitask while Men are incapable.

Just as well, from my experience, when I go into a relationship, I tend to do the same thing that got me into it over and over. It’s hard to pick new stuff up because of the single mindedness of males. I try though but I’m probably not as good at it as some of my partners would have liked.

I don’t know if that speaks for other guys or even your man friend in particular. I was just hoping to possibly give some insight into the male mind but you probably feel like you have done a lot for him already huh?