I think I injured my groin

I injured my groin while playing Futsal,I tried too hard,since it happen I can only try to take care of myself and wait it recover,it was quite painful
I cannot do my daily workout and I cannot play football for 6 weeks,need it to completely recover

That’s a bummer gta. It seems you know what to do.

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I will probably stop any form of sports for 3-4 months,maybe could only continue back my workout after a month
The pain in my groin is serious,walking,sitting or standing up on a chair makes me painful…

That’s happened to be before. I had a torn abdomen and pulled abductors. I suggest reading or watching something stimulating to distract you and keep your mind occupied.

Thanks @mortimermouse ,I did not workout yesterday and I think I need to rest at least 3 weeks before I can start jogging again,I will look for groin stretching and recovery exercise