Need to stop playing Sports

I need to stop playing sports,today is my first time playing basketball in almost 4 months,yet again I sprained my ankle(grade 1)

I usually work out but now that I sprained my ankle I cannot workout again.Its like my 5th injury in 2 years…

Did you stretch before you played. Very important if you haven’t played in a while. I hurt my shoulder every time I swing a baseball bat these days

I didn’t stretch before playing,i always play forcefully which is my style and a bad style and results in lots of injury.Sports injury are troublesome,i cannot workout and lose my mobility at work…

Do not get disappointed. If you are an athlete injuries are said to happen. What you should do is meet a sports physician. Get your regular check ups. Get foot and ankle support braces Strengthen your ankle. There are a number of exercises for sprained ankle. For eg: Place your ankle in the “down and in” position against a fixed object such as a couch. Hold this position for a count of 10. Repeat 10 times. Everything will be alright. I found this article: treating injury to be useful .

I’d say either stay away from basketball or play less aggressively. i know the competitive juices start to flow and it’s tough not to go 100%. one recommendation i can think of if you do get bacl on the court is to wear something, maybe a wristband or rubberband to remind you to play more on the perimeter!

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