Going to get blood tests tomorrow

I may have abilify induced diabetes, so this test is to confirm / deny that. Won’t get the results for about a week.

I’ve been putting this off for ages.

I hate blood tests also, but they become necessary after a while.

I’m due for mine in April.

Best of luck with everything @everhopeful

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Best of luck @everhopeful
Hopefully it’s nothing.
Keep us posted

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I hope it is not diabetes.

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I’m pretty sure it is. But abilify induced. My doctor wants me to diet instead of taking metformin. I’m not keen on taking any new drugs, so I’m making good strides with my diet.

Anyway, I’ll have a better idea after tomorrow.

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Even though it’s weight neutral

It’s actually weight neutral for me if I take a bcomplex, otherwise I get food cravings. But my ‘hb1ac’ blood test was pretty high last time. It was normal when I was off abilify. Hb1ac ,is a measure of how normal your blood sugar is.