Taste weirdness

My taste re how sweet things are is erratic ie today using two sweeteners my coffee has tasted really sweet. Another day with two sweeteners it hardly tastes sweet at all.

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Do you smoke? It could be that.

I’ve never smoked.

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Maybe you’re getting a cold.


Could be. Although this is quite a regular thing, and I don’t feel like I have a cold.

Could also be an autism thing. Most of my students relied much more heavily on texture than taste. I had a kid who ate his grape chewable pill only when it was mashed up in mayonnaise.

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I’ve posted on Wrong planet about it. Hopefully I’ll get some replies . When it comes to sensory issues they’re fairly mild.

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From wiki

A sweet taste in the mouth can be a signal of the body having trouble regulating blood sugar , which may be due to diabetes.

Might want to head to your GP @firemonkey , just to be safe.

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