I think I have autism and my shrink thinks so too

But I’m a schizophrenic hypochondriac so that is a mess.

I just registered for a 400 level class on autism so that I can find some clarity. I meet all of the DSM criteria, I found this out because I learned the criteria because it’s one or six disorders featured in my psychology thesis. So is hypochondriasis!

This is getting interesting as ■■■■!

im pretty hypersensitive to sounds , sights, get information overload fairly easily. not sure if that is anything to do with autism but its annoying.

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Yeah, I could see it.

“Bipolar autistic?” Whoa. (But I still have other ideas… for whatever that’s worth.)

You’re awful high functioning for someone who might have autism. It doesn’t seem possible. If it is, that’s just another hill to conquer. When it rains it pours.

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moretimermouse, I doubt you have autism because you have communicated so well with others on this forum and you have some friends to hang out. The interaction between you and people went very well.

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I’ve read that Autism and schizophrenia are related in some ways. Before I received a diagnosis of schizophrenia, I was seeking (thinking that it fit me) a diagnosis of Autism. Obviously there are major differences, but enough similarities that… is it possible that what your doctor thinks is Autism is just the schizophrenia?

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I am on the autistic spectrum, aspergers I guess .

This is not uncommon in schizophrenia but it’s not diagnosed all that much

The schizophrenia or psychosis gives the autism an atypical element
there has been research I have been a part of it that is in people with psychosis is slightly tempered… The person will be more sociable… And may be slightly less fixated on for example lists Unless that’s just me… My husband is aspergers for certain and he makes lists all the time
It is another hurdle I suppose I noticed it in childhood and being bullied
I only realised it and my family when I start when we saw ‘the bridge’ the Nordic Noir Swedish Danish version a couple of years ago

She is so much like me she takes her clothes off at work to change and sniffs her armpits in public and doesn’t know that it’s inappropriate to Mention periods round coffee chat at work let alone understanding what people would talk about over coffee when there is work to be done
The actor is unbelievable as Saga. She does a perfect expression of me
There’s just something in that slightly vacant look in your eyes

I asked my psychiatrist for a test and she agreed straightaway thinking I probably was

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I’m a complete hypochondriac otherwise known as health anxiety
Obsessive-compulsive addictive with everything but not actually an addict