I think I am hypoglycemic

Sugar is affecting my mood way more than caffeine. Sugar is sending me zooming. I guess I should talk to my doctor, and see how to handle it. Right now I’m trying to drink fruit juice rather than consume processed sugar. Does anyone have experience with hypoglycemia? What did the doctor recommend?

I’m hypoglycemic. Sugar doesn’t send me zooming. If I don’t eat or have gaps that are too long between meals or snacks I get dizzy and shaky from my blood sugar dropping too low.

If I don’t eat or drink something sugary it can drop low enough to put me in a coma.

I don’t know the symptoms of hypoglycemia. If I’m not that would be great. But it does seem like sugar is really picking me up.

That’s not a hypoglycemic symptom. Symptoms of it include dizziness, shakes, generally feeling ill, nausea, cold sweats. Not hyperactivity.

Okay. That’s welcome news. But I have always had a strange relationship with sugar. When I was little I would put a ton of sugar on my cereal, and I still sometimes do. I’ve heard that can cause hypoglycemia.

I’m not positive on what all causes it but there are a few-Meds, issues with the pancreas, and pre diabetes.

I took a six hour glucose tolerance test in 1977. I was wicked sick with prediabetic hypoglycemia. Now I’m simply prediabetic.

I had reactive hypoglycemia. If I would eat or drink something loaded with sugar, I would at first get some level of euphoria. Later in the day, I would crash into low blood sugar. Then, my mood was of unhappiness and low energy. And all those symptoms that @ZombieMombie did a good job of listing.

The General Practitioners I went to about my prediabetic hypoglycemia didn’t know what I was talking about and didn’t know how to read the Glucose Tolerance test I took.

I’m not much of a fan about picking doctors out of the Yellow Pages.

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That is exactly what just happened to me. I was all amp’ed up to work out, but my energy just dropped. Maybe it’s for the best. I am 60 years old. When you’re my age you need to approach your workouts delicately, particularly the kind of workout I do.

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