I think Clozapine gave me OCD

Man, I’ve been suffering like crazy from OCD for a while now, and I just looked online lately and found out that Clozapine can cause OCD. I didn’t use to be so OCD, but since taking Clozapine I’ve been washing my hands like crazy and doing other OCD stuff.

I’ve been trying out Paxil to deal with the OCD and it helps, but it makes me constipated, so I may not be able to take it. I’m thinking of trying out Prozac next.

Anyone else have any advice on Clozapine induced OCD?



I was OCD before I was even diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Wash hands, check stove…wash hands, check stove…wash hands, check stove!

Yeah I check the stove too. I also check the front door, the back door, and both upstairs and downstairs sinks.

And I check that my computer and TV are off too.

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Yep me too, ocd is pretty tough to deal with!

Clozapine destroyed my balance so badly that I was in serious danger of doing a nose dive into the carpet if I just stood up. They took me off it, thank God.

I developed OCD from sleep deprivation. I had insomnia for over 3 years and the OCD tendencies just got worse as time passed. Luckily I managed to get back to a normal sleeping pattern and the OCD improved. I did have a little OCD before the sleepissues also. I supplement with NAC, and I think it helps diminish the OCD.

There is someone on this forum who has or had ocd too.
So at least one other person.

I had ocd but only when I was anorexic

Ask your pcdoc about clomipramine. It’s FDA approved for OCD. Works well with clozapine.

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OCD is linked to both serotonin and dopamine deficiency. If clozapine is inducing OCD then its due to dopamine deficiency. Other symptom you can experience with this kind of OCD is working memory issue. Forgetting quickly or hard to keep several information in mind at once.

When Wellbutrin caused OCD in me, I had to switch medicine

I’m pretty sure that Risperdal is worsening my OCD.
I can’t take antidepressants so there’s that.

If AP is causing OCD then taking antidepressants (serotonin enhancers) can make the situation even worse as serotonin opposes dopamine making the level of dopamine too low.

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