I think astrology goes too far

I think we are affected by the moon for sure, but to carry it into the science of detail that astrologists do is a bit more than I want to believe. Anyway, I get spooked if I believe too much in a horoscope.

I just look at it as a bit of fun. I don’t believe in astrology.


Same here. I read mine a few times. But that’s it.


The stars have zero effect over the behavioural patterns of a person.

Astrology is just a romanticized notion that persists because people are susceptible to autosuggestion, where they read the general predictions of a horoscope and end up comparing them to what happened in the day. Another form of cold reading.

You can remove the horoscope signs and no one will be able to pick their original horoscope. Well, 1 in 12 will, but that’s just random chance.

It’s just a bit of fun, but don’t take it too seriously.

Vedic astrology makes some sense. I bet most of the people in this community must have 12th house planets or Rahu/Moon or Saturn/moon combinations. Another thing to look at is dashas. Afflictions to their moon by rahu or ketu
For 12th house planets check out your birth chart at


I was skeptical at the beginning but later realized there is some truth. I am Agnostic though. I dont think the remedies work, i am sure our life is predetermined already and also have free will at the same time.

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We think a lot alike @Coolguy

You must be a cool guy :sunglasses:.

I think a lot about the relationship between free will and determinism.

I don’t believe in astrology, but I respect the right for others to believe it.

It’s kind of like karma, I dont believe in karma at all. The wicked dont always get their punishment and the righteous sometimes get crapped on. What goes around doesnt come back around.

Karma seems like a just world fallacy to me.

Again, I respect everyone’s right to believe in karma, astrology, and whatever you want to believe in.

Never believe in karma, it doesnt make sense.

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