Do you believe in horoscopes?

I didnt believe they can tell you whats gonna happen to you the next day or year.

But my friend is born in the beginning of july and horoscope says this year he is gonna abandone family and friends. And he is doing it. He got a gf and he is unconciously avoiding me.

I just have to write to him in a year when the planets are more suitable.

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Nope they a load of ■■■■.

Sometimes they fun to read though

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but everyday i read TWO of them just to be sure :smiley:

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Not really, but on occasion I read them for fun just to see. There may be someone that has horoscope predictions mastered possibly though.

Nope. I don’t want to read them. Makes me paranoid. Part of my brain is stuck in the magic land. Horoscopes are triggers for me.


I believe horoscopes are purposedly written in loose enough terms that a lot of people will be able to relate to them.

“You’ll experience worries this week, probably with regards to finances or romance” is a typical sentence a lot of people can relate to.

I do believe that what season you’re born can have something to do with your psychological development, but that’s because real science backs it up. Or so I’ve been told.
But I don’t think excact dates and the orientations of planets have anything to do with what’ll happen to you.


Here’s one I like to read when I do read them

Horoscopes are for sure written as vaguely as possible so that people can relate to them. So if you are reading some random horoscope out of a magazine it isn’t going to be accurate.

However natal charts and the actual cool ■■■■ that goes with horoscopes like the star and planet positioning and ascending signs are legit I would say. There definitely is a ~kind~ of science behind it.

But again, you really have to get an in depth natal chart read for yourself, knowing your time and location of your birth is very important.

I’m super Aquarius. I relate extremely to my sign and sometimes have had readings that blew my mind from how accurate they were (again, not vague horoscopes directed at anyone)

I’ve always been interested in astrology and astronomy though and learned about it from a young age.

Before you completely write off astrology, I would complete a natal chart, read it, and see if you relate. You might be suprised.


I read them and do the tarot cards on the same sites mainly for entertainment.

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