I thilnk I went through benzo withdrawal after just 1 benzo


I used a pill cutter to split a clonazepam 0.5mg pill in 2. I took one half one day and the other half the next.

Then I didn’t take anymore. But a very dark cloud descended and I was in a foul mood the following 2-3 days.

Ive taken them before so I don’t know if taking it previously has already altered my brain chemistry to make me in some way permanently addicted.


I think psychological withdrawal symptoms may well be possible after a couple of doses. Your brain compares how you felt on them as opposed to off them


It’s such a low dose, I don’t think it’s possible :thinking:

I had no trouble at all coming off of Klonopin.
Because I was on low doses.


Honestly I abused street drugs for many years and can promise you i had a much harder time coming off benzodiazepines than meth or cocaine.


It’s so unfair, I’ve bben taking ativan for a week and am scared to quit simply because I’m terrified of going back to being terrified. Being on the benzo means being okay, even artificially, its a respite. These are the best psych drugs available, rn I believe if you could create a benzo with no addiction risk or tolerance, nothing else would EVER be prescribed for psychiatric issues.


I am back on Benzos again and I feel so much better.

I managed to get them from a gp who gave me Lorazepam 1mg x3 max for a weeks supply. I need to get more from the pdoc tomorrow.

I might ask for Haldol too as I have used this as a prn before too

I have loads of Diazepam but it doesn’t seem to do anything even when I take as much as 30mg at once


I was on benzos and am now free. The wd was harder than ■■■■! The pounding of my heart, the trips to the restroom, the cold and hot flashes! ■■■■ my old psychiatrist, he should be strung up by his toes for prescribing those monster pills! Thank god ive got a competent psychiatrist now! I guess no pain, no gain, but mtf it was awful on my body.


I abused benzos a couple of months but had no problem coming down off them