I talk to my lovely celebritiy on whatsapp

i watch her photo and comment to her
comment about her life
and tell her my experiences in life
when anything happen talk to her
it is lovely experience :heart::heart::grin::grin::wink::wink:
how ?
i had two accounts on whatsapp :grinning::grinning:

oh really who is it …

rolla saad
but she is not the only one i talked before to others (nelly karim , olesya rulin , angie zampona )
i hv many great friends :joy: on whatsapp

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aw thats awesome. yeah I have met male celebrities too musicians etc.

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I remember when I was psychotic I saw Justin Bieber reading something under a tree on daily mail.

My delusions made me believe he was somehow reading about me and it moved him to tears.

And I was thinking oh yea. I’m special.

… Which I am BTW.

But some of my initial delusions liked to confirm that. Or validate it.


Good times… Kind of…,


I kept the phone number of a famous punk rock star but never texted him. I also got an android and realized I had a bunch of goth punk numbers and had no idea how. I tried messaging them but no one answered.


My main voice dictated a twenty digit number to dial on my phone in order to contact him.
No one picked up. :no_mouth:

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