I swept the floor today

I know a normie would say Whwoopteedoo, no big deal. But to me, it’s a big deal. To get myself to cooperate in any domestic work is very difficult for me. So, I am proclaiming it a major victory over sz. I won a battle.


I’m happy for you. :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:

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Good going @chordy!

I know. Everything’s a lot more difficult. I vacuumed.

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I’m ecstatic for you. That’s really good. We all struggle to a degree. What a momentous occasion. I haven’t swept in years.

So awesome. Nice when you get a chore done

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Well done. A good job is reward in itself.

I swept the floor today too :blush:

I’m having a good day. I even want to paint for first time in five months. A rare moment of motivation

I hope it lasts long enough to complete the painting! I’m doing simple scenes that I can complete in one session. Otherwise my avolition could return and cause me to abandon it for another five months… my husband is supportive and agrees it’s better i do simple one-session paintings

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Rooting for you, chordy. I can understand how difficult this housework is for you. You really won a battle.

Good job!!! 151515

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