I swept the house at last!

So after five days of putting it off due to apathy and lack of motivation, I finally got around to sweeping the house! My self-esteem went up a little bit since then. It was a goal accomplished. And it feels good to live in a clean house again.

Which gets me thinking of the potential blessings of having SZ - you look at the simple things in life. When I think of goal setting, I think of big things like careers, buying a house, getting married, etc. But to make tiny goals like daily chores to be done, it really helps to boost oneself. I don’t think many normal people would understand just how hard it is to get up and do housework when you are sick with the negative symptoms of SZ. It’s lovely to see life through such simple eyes :smile:


I think one of the keys to happiness is to find happiness in simple things.

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Glad that you found enough motivation to do some house work @EarthChild - I found enough motivation to take a shower this morning - Yep it is the small things in life that matter too! :smiley:


I was rather proud that I managed to load the dishwasher rather than walk by a sink full of dirty dishes again and again. I also picked up all the stuffing from the pillow one of the dogs ripped to shreds all over the yard. I’d been looking at that mess for most of the week.

The housework can certainly begin to look like a monumental task with this illness huh?


I managed to vacuum all 5 of our carpeted rooms, thanks to Coach @jaynebeal. :wink:


I know how you feel @EarthChild, you are so right about small goals. Yesterday I washed the dishes before they got out of control again and I felt so good about it. It takes about a week to have enough dishes to do because I usually eat frozen dinners or PBJ’s, but longer than that and they overwhelm me.

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well done guys!! am soooo proud of all of you right now :slight_smile:

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