Well I finally did the dishes and a bit in the kitchen

I’m glad I finally just kicked myself in the butt. Once I got going it wasn’t too bad but my back is super stiff now. Maybe tonight I can wrangle up my kids (if my son is feeling better) or at least my daughter and get the livingroom tidied up a bit. I don’t think vacuuming is in the cards today. There is always tomorrow or Saturday. Now I’m just going to watch some Netflix and pick up my girlie.


Good job! I know how hard it is for you with pain.


I bet it was really tough, but you did it! Good job! Let yourself rest now, you need it.


Way to go!

I need to do the same. Always hard to get started, right?


Thank you @Ooorgle and @ZmaGal and @ZombieMombie!
It was really tough to get started but I thought of our family saying "suck it up buttercup " lol


Good stuff :metal:t5:!

Well done!

I’m proud of myself when I do the dishes too.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks. What I learned is if I push myself I can actually do things

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