I stay alive because of my mother

I dont want my mom to live in the place I die and remember the sad moments everyday, and i dont want my mom to face my death. She is alone a lot of time and it is unlikely my siblings would take care of her. This is largely the reason I’m still around.

Mom is healthy right now. But she is getting older. Today we talked about her retirement plan. She is old but still working. Mom says it’sgetting hard at work. I wish my mom can live a better life. I taught my mom to use the camera function of her cell phone today. I’m glad there’s something i can do for her.


You’re a good person!

I’m in the same boat. Sometimes I’d prefer death but stay alive because I don’t want to inflict pain upon my loved ones.

But tonight I’m feeling awesome and happy to be alive! :smiley:


That is a great attitude. I can relate.

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You know - it seems that I dont have a lot to live for if my folks were not around.

Life with them is not perfect, but they have been there for me through the dark times - the only ones.

They are older now and its really a matter of time, I really dont know which direction my life will take without them.

Its good to know that you are close to your Mom, family is important.


It is good that you have the perspective to see that. Too often, we forget about our loved ones when we sink too far into depression. I know I have.

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