I started jogging again

Since it’s been summer I stopped jogging along the path in the park because it is too hot outside and I don’t like to sweat too much. But now the weather has cooled down for nearly one week. There was no blazing sun in the sky. So I went jogging again this afternoon.

The park was overwhelmed by green color. I noticed there are different layers of green on top of the shrubs and trees. The light green leaves looked very young and vivid. No cicadas sang, just little birds flew over the head. For more than one month I haven’t spent daytime in a park. Felt refreshed and uplifted after this jog.


Glad it’s cooling down out your way. We are still stuck in the knell of summer here. It was 105F here today. Jogging is out, but we do our fair share of swimming. That will have to suffice for another 2 months until it cools down here.

Before they put me on med’s I used to jog a lot. That runner’s high can be nice.

Yes,it’s nice to start jogging,it’s one of the best exercise in the world