Summer's not working

i guess it’s a mild improvement, that i can sit outside for awhile without freezing my arse off. but the mood lift i got in spring seems to have vanished. actually the favorite part of my week is mowing the grass. but i’ve stopped laying out in the sun for now and don’t spend as much time outside. i went for a walk today at the park, but couldn’t get over the paranoia that a cop would drive by and profile me as a suspicious person. i don’t like parks anymore, or being alone in public. i still run in the mornings but that is different than walking around in flip flops, i assume people then profile me as health conscious getting an early morning jog in. anyways summer’s glory has faded already for me.


I’m sorry you’re worried about being profiled. But people have probably seen you jogging quite a bit which means they’ll recognize you when you’re in flip flops just walking or enjoying the outdoors. I don’t think you have anything to work out

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It just rained here - super humid. I went for a walk. I’m now sweating my arse off.

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