I started CBT It's been three weeks

My therapist is a smart capable woman. She already made me cry, she’s digging deep with my first episode psychosis and what I went through.


Yeah, that can be really difficult. Psychotic breaks can be downright traumatic; I know mine have been.

Do you think the therapy is helping?


I like what you doing. I belive it will help you alot. But can you tell me what it is used for from you prospect?

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I have had schizophrenia since I was 30. I missed work but managed to keep my job. I ended up on the company disability plan for almost a year when I was in my 50’s. I was given something like CBT to transition back to work. It helped me a lot. I recommend it. Now I am old enough thst I could retire if I wanted you. But I would.miss the social aspects of the job. Most of my oldest friends are deceased. So the social part is important.


I did a CBT group class for two years, and it has contributed so much to my mental well being! I called it my four credit class in how to be a functional person.


I hate CBT.

Obviously it did nothing for me.

Just my $.02

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It’s only been 3 sessions but I’m looking forward to see where it’ll go.

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