I slept over at a friends house

We drank a few beers and then went to bed, it was my friend’s girlfriend’s apartment so they went and made noise and I laid there and her cat sat on my stomach while I was on the couch. I woke up all ■■■■■■ up and felt a little ashamed for them to see me like that, but I did warn them that I am a little symptomatic when I wake up. I managed to eat my protein bar and take my meds and not throw up. I also went to a basketball game with another friend and his girlfriend today, my schizophrenic friend. He and I get along really well, he’s as crazy as I am.

I usually have to sleep in my own bed and shower and brush and floss and shave and wear earplugs and all of this rigid stuff just to sleep, so I guess it was a good exercise in being normal.

Back in my alky days I would sleep on floors, I didnt give a ■■■■.

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I’ve spent some miserable nights sleeping on floors and in cars when it’s cold. Funny thing is, it hasn’t happened since I got clean.