Skipped a med

I feel the power overwhelms me, Nothing holds me back !
It will be the most productive day I’ve had in years.
I feel much better

Too bad you can skip only once in a while without risking a relapse…

I don’t think you should ever do that. It messes with things. Not the smartest thing in the world to do. I’m not trying to be a jackass, but that is what I think.

It was unintentional. One day once in a half year doesn’t change much anyway

No it won’t change much. It could though depending on the specific medication. To skip taking it intentionally would be dumb.

Anyway I am glad I feel totally functional for a change.
Just made a huge list of things to do and I’ve started doing the first thing before I realized I’ve skipped a dose. I guess it ain’t placebo since I wasn’t aware of the whole thing.

Gonna reschedule physical chores for tomorrow, when my brain will get shut down again.

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I took a reduced dose of Seroquel a while ago for two days due to side effects I was getting. My mental state started to get very bad and I had to take the full amount again. Things are OK now.


I skip my meds quite often.

By mistake obviously.

Even after a day I’m still fine though

I don’t want a pill box I’ll feel like a grandpa


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