Cant remember if i took my abilify last night

fortunately im on the injection also so it takes 4-5 days before i become psychotic…so is it best to not take 1 right now…or take 1 just in case. i remember telling myself to take it but cant remember if i actually took it.

it doesnt make me tired so its not a big deal if i took one in the morning

i remember in the hospital that they gave me a diffrent antipsychotic once other than the haldol i usually received, i think it was abilify, but it made me sexually erect for sometime and i thought it affected me hard really but yeah thats my experience with abilify.

I sometimes forget to take meds. I have to take them twice daily so if I miss one every now and then it has no effect

After a couple of those movies you been in it’s no wonder you’re on meds too. ha ha

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I take Risperdone - it’s more or less a non-addictive Valium
The drug slows down excretion of receptors so I’m not receiving so many thoughts/ideas at once
which leads to hysteria (I’m one of those crazies who is constantly laughing out loud to himself), heartburn and lung issues from hyperventilation.

It takes me about five days without meds before I go goofy to the point of feeling sick.

They have little container trays you can keep your med’s in. The days and times you’re supposed to take your med’s are designated on the little containers that make up the tray. That way you can tell for sure if you have missed a dose.

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You could probably find one at a drug store, or maybe in Wal Mart. I haven’t seen many of them on the store shelves, but if you look around you can probably find one.

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I used to use those religiously
Nowadays I self medicate and just make sure to not go for three or more days without.

But part of the cure is cognitive development.

I’ve accepted that life is strange and have fun with that concept so I can be more relaxed with my meds
without serious repercussions.

Abilify has a very long Half life, forgetting to take it one day shoud be OK for you @turningthepage

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Every once in a while I will skip a dose on purpose. When I want a little more strength, or a little more lucidity, I skip a dose. I don’t do this often, though. I experience intense anger when the med’s are low in my system. I don’t like feeling like that.

I don’t think anything’s gonna happen if you miss a dose.

I’ve experienced the reverse with Risperdone…it gives me back my energy.
My initial issue might be a bit different than everyone else’s however.
I’m often fatigued and my illness always felt like information overload.